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It is known that shopping in London is experience, not shopping at the huge-type Sainsbury's-super markets of London, festive event. If you have not found at Borough Market, but I really do not know what food market. Start early in the morning, wear comfortable shoes, make sure you have not eaten anything and you have enough money with you. A "playground" outdoor grocery store, grocers, fishermen, bakery, confectionery, etc. awaits you.

At Borough Market you can find literally everything food, from any corner of the earth, the soul longs for you: Fish, shellfish, fresh meats, spices, jams, sweets, chocolates, English favorites, tons beers, fine wines, fresh but and organic fruits and vegetables, all kinds of bread, kebabs, paella, and various other treats that you can eat on hand. Traders Cairns passers cheeses, luncheon, Elitsa and images combined with scents make it impossible to resist.

And the market space, an open repository of stone and wood, are amazing. All 'kiosks' have a uniform green color and cute little sign, clear and showcases products that disappear in the blink of an eye. Market prices are a bit steep, but really the quality of food will make you spend your last few pounds without any remorse.

The market is located in Greater London Bridge and surrounded by countless remarkable restaurants, including Black and Blue, with industrial decor and interesting menu, Roast with all that is best in British cuisine, but also very economical-the known chain-Nando's, with amazing chickens, housed in an old warehouse riverside of the Thames, now adorned with works of art from the Tate Modern.and the price includes guided tours of the guards of the Tower with the typical black-red uniforms.


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