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 Historically the cuisine of London included dishes that were based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish and usually served with fried potatoes or vegetables. Characteristics meals is roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding and fish and chips (fish with fries) that one can eat on the road. In London, as well as across England, tea is the whole ritual is considered a small meal. Served with little sweets, cakes or small sandwiches.
Recommended Restaurants in London

Simpson's in the Strand
This restaurant is part of the Hotel Savoy is excellent and meat lovers, and fish. The atmosphere is magical because it gives the feeling that one is in an earlier era. The food served is traditional since 1828.
Porters English restaurant
If you prefer classic cuisine as London's various tarts, fish with potatoes and Ross Beef, then visit this restaurant located close to Covent Garden and will not be disappointed.
Notting Grill
If you wish to try good food guaranteed by the famous chef and restaurant owner Anthony Worrel - Thompson, do not forget to book a table here. The focus of the menu is the meat.
A popular restaurant with fish and chips both locals and tourists. You may encounter heavy traffic, but will eat well and at reasonable prices.
The oldest restaurant in London is located close to Covent Garden and London's serves traditional cuisine in 1798. Particularly good are these dishes with seafood, tarts and puddings.

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