Kos Museums

kosArchaeological Museum :
Situated in the centre of the island's capital, the museum contains remarkable statues, reliefs, grave stelae and mosaics mainly from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. A statute attributed to Hippocrates is also on display.

Medical Museum : 
Housed in the International Hippocrates Foundation near the Asklepion, the visitor can see interesting exhibits, busts, books, coins, stamps and so on relating to Hippocrates.

Maritime Museum :
Located in Kardamena and officially opened in July 2002, the museum contains exhibits from the island's maritime tradition and history. In terms of folklore, the three traditional houses in Antimachia, Kefalos and Pyli are of interest, where objects and the characteristic layout of the space bring to life images of the past.

Libraries :
Of great importance is the Hippocrates Library housed in the International Hippocrates Foundation near the Asklepion. Worthwhile too is the Metropolitan Library which contains the 'Servitude' Archive with 116 codices from the period 1688 - 1947. 
Other libraries are to be found in Antimachia and at the Hippocratic Lyceum. Since 2002 a Municipal Library has been in operation, housed in the Aigli Building in Eleftherias Square. In addition to general interest books, it also contains a rich collection of folklore items and the Italian Archive from the period of occupation.

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