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Halki the small island in the Dodecanese , is connected by ferry with Piraeus and Rhodes. Chorio, uninhabited today, was the old capital of Halki. 4.000 people used to live here, withdrawn from the sea out of fear of the corsairs and of Morozini's pirates. Its stony houses are amphitheatrically built on the hill of the fortress.Exhibitions of folklore art are organized in the island from the month of July to the month of September ,there is also a lending library at the center of the town. In recent years, an important hotel and tourist infrastructure has been created in the island. In 1983, Halki has been proclaimed the island of friendship of the youth of the world by the Ministry of Young Generation. The infrastructure works implemented by A.D.E.K, have seriously assisted the tourist development of Halki. 
Places of interest
The Town hall of Halki is a neoclassical building of the 19th century. In front of it there is a stone-built tower with a clock.
The Three wind mills are high up in the mountain.
The fortress standing above Chorio was built by the Knights of Saint John on the ruins of the acropolis and has a breathtaking view. Behind it, the mountain is precipitous and its slopes steeply descend into the sea. At the foot of the fortress you find the churches of Panaghia, Aghios Nikolaos, and Aghia Triada. 
Monasteries and Churches
The Monastery of Taxiarhis Michail, 5 km to the NW hosts a rare icon of the saint.
The Monastery of Ai Giannis Alarghas is 7.5 km. to the West. In the yard of the monastery there is a perennial cypress. There are some houses around belonging to the monastery. Hospitality is offered.
The Monastery of Agia Triada and the little church of Stavros tou Xylou, near Ai Yiannis has a view over Tilos. 
The church of Aghios Nikolaos, protector of the town, has a grandiose bell-tower, a wooden-carved iconostasis of rare art and hagiographies. It was founded in 1861. 
The church of Aghios Elftherios is near Chorio and that of Stavros is higher up.
The Cave in the area of Kelia (20 minutes by excursion boat) is an old ascetic dwelling, with paintings on the rock.
Kamenos Spilios is a cave in the position "Amiglai' on a steep rock, in the northwest of the island. In 1658, the Venitian Admiral Francisco Morozini exterminated the dwellers hiding there, by setting the mouth of the cave on fire. In this way Morozini avenged the inhabitants of Halki because they notified the Rhodians of the danger and he thus proved unable to seize Rhodes.
Cultural events 
Each year, starting in 1987, several events are organized by the Halki cultural association "TO MYRTOS", from July to the month of September. 
Concerts are given by various groups and artists invited in the island, with the assistance (funding) of the Municipality of Halki, theatre and theatre of shadows performances are staged and excursions are organized. 

Also, in September, concerts are co-organised in the framework of the Symi-Tilos-Halki-Kastelorizo Festival, funded by various sponsors.

Feasts and Celebrations 
On August 28 and 29 of each year, the feast of Aghios Ioannis Prodromos takes place. It is the biggest feast of the island, where traditional food is offered (local split peas, honey, as well as other meatless food). The celebrations last until the morning with traditional dances by local dancing groups of Halki. 
Police : +30.22460. 45213
Port Authorities : +30.22460.45220
Municipal Bureau of Tourist Information : +30.22460. 45330

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