Symi travel guide

Symi is a small Dodecanesian island between Rhodes and Kos it has daily connections from Rhodes, Nisyros, Kos and you can get there from some islands of the Cyclades that have ferry connections with Kos like Syros, Paros, Santorini, Naxos and many others. Famous for its monastery of Panormitis at the north west part of the island .Symi is a mountainous island with the exception of Panormitis that is very green. The main town and port of Symi with its small houses all build at a unique neoclassic architecture is the main attraction of the island
Symi was a very wealthy island during the Turkish occupation .The Symian where very good ship builders and they where building very fast ships ,as a result the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire gave a particular autonomy to Symi.
Symi used very well this independence and developed a strong economy based on Commerce and shipyards.
Every year at the fest of Panormitis ,people from all the Dodecanese islands go to Symi and pay there respects to the miracle Icon of Archangel Michael that it has the name Panormitis
During winter and summer both locals and foreigners go on pleasant trips to the tens of chapels to be found scattered across the beautiful landscape allowing one to forget one's woes, to relax and enjoy the church's feast day


The Stone Bridge in the port.
The Clock Tower at the entrance to the port built in 1880.
The National and Ionian Bank buildings, the Town Hall, the Maritime Museum, the Police Building, the Petrideio Primary School. The sculptures by Kostas Valsamis "Dove of Peace" adorn the port. Behind the 'Dove of Peace" sculpture one can see an inscription about 8th May 1945 decorated with a trireme carved in stone, a copy of the carved vessel at Lindos.
The windmills at Horio once used to grind wheat.

The 'Spetsaria', the old municipal pharmacy, in Horio. 
Byzantine ruins, a damaged mosaic, twelve underground vaults known by the locals as the 'Twelve Caves' which during Byzantine times must have been used as a painting and sculpture workshop. The remains of a Paleo-Christian basilica below the church of Aghia Irini.
The stone grape presses, the most interesting of which are in the area known as Kourkounioti.
The ancient tomb at Pontikokastro.
The ruins of Pelasgic walls on the island of Seskli near Panormitis.
The Knights Castle, with their emblem over the entrance, located at the highest point of the upper town. Built on the ruins of ancient and Byzantine remains with parts of the walls which once surrounded the acropolis on the hill. At the highest point lies the small chapel of the Virgin Our Lady (Kyra Panaghia) with a panoramic view of Horio and Yialos. 
Monasteries and Churches
ROUKOUNIOTIS MONASTERY, 15th century, built like a fortress. Outside the monastery walls one can see a centuries old cypress tree in the shape of an umbrella.

MEGALOS SOTIRIS (GREAT SAVIOUR) MONASTERY on the road for Panormitis set in wonderful surroundings. This is a metochi (dependency) of Panormitis Monastery. Built like a fortress it has cells lining the side of the Katholikon dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ the Saviour (Metamorfosi Sotira).
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PANORMITIS MONASTERY. The exact date the monastery was founded is unknown. The last additions were made in 1783 according to an inscription on the entrance to the Church. The interior is covered with Byzantine wall paintings which were executed by the local hagiographers Nikitas and Michaelos Karakostidis. The wooden carved iconostasis is superb covered as it is with dedicatory offerings, and a solid gold icon of the Saint. In the museum in addition to ecclesiastical vessels, small painted icons and gold and silver objects there are also dedicatory offerings placed in bottles by sailors since it is said that they 'save' them from the sea. The monastery's library contains many books and handwritten codices from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. During World War II the monks were active in supporting Greek and Allied soldiers. Residents of Symi call Archangel Michael Panormitis a 'thief', somewhat tongue in cheek, because if a dedicatory offering is not made the Archangel finds some way to take it himself. 
The Church of the Virgin (Panaghia) on the hill with the castle was built on the site of the temple of Athena Acra. 
The following churches are to be found in the wider area of Symi: Aghios Ioannis Tsangrias, Aghios Prokopios (14th century) and Aghia Marina Neras (15th century). 
In the area of Emborios or Nimborio there is the chapel of Christ Ascended (Analipsi Christou) in Kokkinochroma Bay next to the sea as well as the church of Panaghia Apokoui on the islet of Nimos. 

Archaeological - Folklore Museum in Horio. 
This include an archaeological collection of Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, heads of statutes, grave slabs, terracotta death masks from the 5th century BC, inscription, vessels and coins and a Byzantine collection of icons and heraldic marks from the 15th century, crosses, Byzantine music manuscripts, Paleo-Christian capitals, 13th century roll books and coinage as well as a folklore collection with wooden carvings, clothing, textiles, everyday tools, musical instruments, a sewing machine, weapons, sailing equipment and a figurehead.

The Hatziagapitos Mansion near the Archaeological Museum. Here one can view the rooms of this mansion which was once home to a leading merchant.
At the bars along the coastline and in Horio young people unwind with top quality music and at the outdoor club "Alithini" each Saturday during the summer months there is live music and dance.
The island's Congress Centre is ideal for hosting both conferences and local and foreign art exhibitions.At Pedi and BEACHES
Swimming is the main sport done in Symi's clean seas.Emborios. By hire boat from Yialos one can visit the beaches of Aghia Marina, Disalona (in the shadow or an immense rock towering to 400m), Nanou, Marathounda, Panormitis, Aghios Emilianos, Aghios Vasilios and on the islets of Nimos and Seskli.
At Panormitis on the beach along the bay and at Pedi at the village beach.

By ferry from the island of Rhodes or Piraeus.
There are also other ferry lines connecting Symi with other islands in the Dodecanese twice a week. 
Ships on the ANES line sail two or more times daily to and from Rhodes.
Tens of yachts berth in Symi's protected harbour. 

Hotels on Symi: A' Class - B' Class - C' Class 
Apart-Hotels: A' Class - B' Class - C' Class
In the Pedi area: One hotel as well as rooms and apartments to rent
In the Emborios or Nimborio area: Apart-Hotels: B' Class 
Municipal Services : +30.22410.71302
Police : +30.22410.71111
Port Master's Office : +30.22410. 71205
Rural Surgery : +30.22410.71316