Sifnos travel guide

Sifnos island belongs to the cyclades and located about 130 km southeast from Athens ,Sifnos surrounded by the neighbour islands Milos, Serifos and Paros. With the ferry it takes 5-6 hours trip from the port of Piraeus.Sifnos is very green. The agriculture, in particular the olive and the cultivation of wine, play still a dominating role. Pottery also since the ancient times is still of importance. Other small villages on sifnos is Kamares Artemonas and Apollonia.

The most beautiful beaches of Sifnos are housed in the numerous bays affecting its coast especially in its southern part. Among them one can mention:
Vathy - A deep bay on the west coast with a golden beach that you can walk from the village. The waters are crystal clear but the bottom of the sea is full of submerged rocks often sharp and sharp so be careful dutrante bathing.
Platì Yalo (Πλατύς Γιαλός in greek. Literally: The big beach) - One of the most popular coasts of Sifnos with all the problems associated with them. It is located in a bay off the south coast with the island of Kytrianì privately owned. A Platì Yalo is the camping of Sifnos.
Bay Faros-- little further to the east of Mykonos Town, is this bay that served as a stopover island before Kamares and in its western section can still see the ruins of the port installations. The silver extracted from the mines of the island was transported to Faros where waiting ships that would carry in Lavrio.
Heronisos - A quiet bay at the northern end of the island once famous for its potters.
Every day depart from Piraeus ferries to Sifnos