Paris bars cafes clubs and nightlife

Like food clubbing and nightlife in Paris would take a book in itself. But in Paris take a look at the Lido on the Champs Elysees, one of the most famous anywhere. There are floor shows. At most night clubs there will be a bucket of champagne on your table whether you order it or not. It is the equivalent of our cover charge, only more expensive. Look in at An Lapin Agile in Montmartre, a spot with atmosphere.

Drop in at Scheherazade, Novy, and Dinarzade and let yourself be carried away by old Russian atmosphere, to the strains of gipsy violins. All famous, all good. For big brassiness, visit Casino de Paris. For formal elegance go to Maxim’s, where on Fridays you must dress for dinner. Maxim’s also offers piano and guitar in its informal and luxurious Midnight Room for after-dinner clientele. Monseigneur, Le Drap d’Or, Jimmy’s and L’Elephant Blanc are elegant too.


The Nouvelle Eve and Moulin Rouge are extremely popular and have floor shows. If you want to get real low-down, there is always the Place Pigalle in Montmartre with its many, many clubs of varying repute. If you hanker after a glimpse of the Existentialists, your best bet is the Cafe de Flore in St. Germain des Pres. Other spots where the prophets of this philosophy may be found are Club St. Germain, Le Vieux-Colombier.

There’s a night-club tour available from hotels. It is always possible to find a good little outof-the-way spot undiscovered by tourists which has magnificent food and cheap prices. However, here are some of the better known in Paris: Maxim’s, Laperouse, La Tour d’Argent and Le Grand Vefour, others such as La Cremaillere, Lasserre, Taillevent, La Bourride, Laurent, Drouarvt, are also very good.

Food at the Plaza Athenee is excellent. Chez Docrcet is a chain that is well known and one of the less expensive. Prunier and Mediterranee specialize in seafood. Pavillion d’Armenonville, Pre Catelan in the Bois de Boulogne have good food and delightful surroundings. Over on the left bank there are La Coupole and Le Dofne, both cafes beloved in the twenties and still doing business. Other popular bars is Harry’s New York Bar at 5 Rue Daunou and the Ritz Bar. Montmartre is cluttered with bars. Go to the Cafe de la Paix, of course. There are sidewalk cafes everywhere you turn where it is possible to sit for hours drinking very little or letting the saucers pile up. Paris nightlife has an equally absorbing variety, from charming Left Bank satiric cabarets to teenage discotheques, literary late-night bars, folk-song haunts, and the perennial Lido.