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Map of France

France is a country of Western Europe and member of the EU, France is bordering to the north with Belgium and Luxembourg, with Germany to the Northeast, to the east with Switzerland and Italy, and to the South with Spain and Andorra. The northwest coast of France bordering with the North Sea while to the west borders with the Channel of La Manche, the Atlantic, the bay of Biscay and finally the Mediterranean Sea to the South. It has an area of 547,026 sq km and a population of 62,370,800 inhabitants. The capital of France is Paris while the larger cities of France are Lyon, Marseilles, Toulouse, Nice, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille, Rouen and Nantes. The official name of the country is the Republic of France. France has a variety of climate due to its bordering by a large part by seas and by land and mountains. France is ranked among the countries that have the best organized transportation networks.


 Map of fance


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