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Skiing tops the list.  It is the national sport of Austria and her mountains and climate are perfect for it.  Skiing huts and lodges dot the countryside, and many fine ski resorts may be found in Austria.  Near Salzburg is the Bad Gastein resort with cable car, ski lifts and skating rink.  The Arlberg resorts west and Kitzbuehel east of Innsbruck are international favourites.  The St. Anton-am-Arlberg resort is known as 'The Ski Capital of the World'. Austrian ski schools, trails, runs and incidental facilities cannot be surpassed.  Austria contains over a thousand miles of perfect ski slopes.  Hunting and fishing, mountaineering, bicycling and boating are also popular sports in Austria. Sailing and Rowing is available on all the larger lakes and the Austrian rivers lend themselves exceptionally well to flat-boating.  All the lake resorts offer swimming facilities.  Opportunities for hiking and climbing are limitless.  Trails are carefully marked and the existence of the hut system and at least one clean, comfortable inn in every village makes it possible to range freely.  All mountaineering equipment may be purchased or hired on the spot and professional guides are available everywhere.

During the summer months there are regular river trips available along the beautiful river Danube. The most beautiful stretch winds through the romantic 'Wachau' valley which is a famous attraction especially at blossom time. However, due to the fast current it is recommended to take this trip only downstream and not upstream . The slightly mountainous province of Carinthia (Karnten), in the south of the country, is a popular holiday destination in the summer due to its wonderfully warm summer climate and beautiful lakes. The Upper and Lower Austrian provinces are in the foothills of the mountains and comprise beautiful woodlands, meadows and farmlands. The driest part of Austria is along the eastern borders and includes parts of the provinces of Burgenland, Styria and Lower Austria. Here the climate and countryside is made up of gentle hills and plains.

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