Kos Restaurants and local food in Kos

kosThere are quite a few interesting local recipes for main courses and desserts which housewives on Kos usually prepare for major religious feasts.

The most characteristic of these are "pittaridia" (lasagne boiled in meat stock), "varvara" (boiled wheat
with tahini, sugar, almonds, walnuts, raisins, pomegranate, cinnamon, rosewater, orange peel and certain spices).

"Katimeria" is a rolled and fried cheese pie with myzithra cheese served with honey and cinnamon.

"Xysmata" is a form of wheaten bread baked with grated myzithra cheese and herbs.

"Afrena" or "Eftazyma" are spiced breads whose yeast has been prepared from the froth from boiled chickpeas and bay leaves.

"Kousafi" is boiled raisins with various spices.

"Lazari" is white wheat flour kneaded and shaped into human figures then baked.

"Koufi" is plain dough while 'geri', which are served up during Orthodox Lent, are filled with raisins and ground sesame seeds or almonds and kneaded with rosewater.

"Lambropittes" are round cheese pies as large as a plate filled with fresh unsalted myzithra cheese and cooked with many eggs and a little yeast.

"Kokkino Tyri" is cheese baked with the sediment from red wine.

"Pligouri" is ground bulgur wheat cooked with pork.

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