Kos Greece - information on Kos island

Kos is the second large island of the Dodecanese after Rhodes , is only a few miles away from the island of Kalymnos to the north and the Asia Minor cost to the east. The island of Kos is a very green and fertile island its main production are tomatoes and water melons . Kos town is the capital and the main harbor of the island and has about 18,000 inhabitants. Around the port area there are buildings from the period of the Italian occupation in very good condition as well with the well remain medieval Venetian Castle from the 14th century. There more monuments to be found in Kos town from the Ancient Greece and the Roman times.
In Kos town the monuments from antiquity can be divided into 3 zones: excavations around the port, the central zone and the western zone. The finds in the first zone which came to light following the 1933 earthquake include a Stoa from the 4th or 3rd century BC, the temple of Hercules (3rd century BC), another small temple, the double temple of Pandemus and Aphrodite Pontus, the Agora and the famed Plane Tree of Hippocrates which is an offshoot of the ancient tree in whose shade tradition would have it that the father of medicine taught and wrote many of his works. In the central zone are the remains of a Mycenaean settlement and one from the Geometric period. This zone includes a building with a beautiful mosaic from the 3rd century AD, the ancient Stadium (2nd century BC), the Western Baths (2nd - 3rd century AD), the Gymnasium, the Nymphaeum (3rd century AD), a house containing a mosaic depicting the rape of Europa, the Roman Odeon, the alter of Dionysus and a restored Roman residence known as Casa Romana.
Gettng there :by ferry from Rhodes. Daily sailings. Connections to nearby Greek islands by high-speed boat and by air with Athens. Kos' capital has a state-of-the-art marina with excellent infrastructure and facilities- up to 230 vessels of various sizes can berth there.There are also ports at Kardamena, Mastihari, Kefalos and Limnionas. Read more at Kos.travel

Municipal Services of Kos : +30.22420.28223
Police Emergencies : +30.22420.22100
Ippokratio Hospital: +30.22420.28050 & : +30.22420.23423
Ambulance Service : +30.22420.22300
Fire Brigade : +30.22420.22199
Kos Port Master's Office : +30.22420.26594 & +30.22420.26595

Doctor in Antimachia : +30.22420.51230
Doctor in Asfendiou : +30.22420.69202
Doctor in Kardamena : +30.22420.91202

Kos resorts and villages

Kos has many resorts among them is Kefalos ,Mastichari ,Tingaki ,Agios Fokas ,Lambi ,Platani ,Psaldi ,Asklepion Antimachia and Kardamena