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Kalymnos island is part of the Dodecanese islands and is known as the island of the sponge divers.Kalymnos located between Leros to the North and Kos to the south. The island is mountainous and rocky with the exceptions of Vathy ,Massouri and Myrties ,its mountainous nature made Kalymnos the last years a beloved place for rock climbing. The capital and main port of the island is Kalymnos or Pothia.The old capital of Kalymnos was Horio.The short distance to Kos and Leros ,30 minutes about by hydrofoil gives the visitor the opportunity for daily trips to those beautiful Greek islands.

Vathy Kalymnos,This settlement appears before ones eyes at the end of a trajectory through arid mountainous, waterless land. A vivid contrast to the austerity of the route, the arrival is a greeting in green, a true oasis at the end of a fecund valley, sparsely build with small houses comfortably scattered around until the picture becomes denser with several more houses built at the other extremity, where the valley gives way to a delightful bight, protected enough to resemble a fjord. This valley - reaching as far as Stimenia - is known to have been inhabited since the Neolithic Age, a fact further corroborated by the vestiges of an ancient shrine and a citadel. Settlement activities were obviously pursued well into the Byzantine era. That was the time of the settlement of Rina, extending over the slopes of the hills, near the port and reputedly destroyed on an Easter evening, sometime in early 15th century, at a corsair raid. Where the imposing cathedral of Saint Irene once stood currently raises a humble church dedicated to the same saint, after which the entire settlement was named. At a 13 km distance from the port of Pothia, Vathys is currently inhabited by 600 people.

Emporios Kalymnos, At a 24 km distance from Pothia, A peaceful waterfront village, sparsely populated by farmers, cattle raisers and fishermen. In ancient times, Emporios had been an important maritime hub, benefiting from the havening effect of the islands of Kalavros and Telendos.

Massouri Kalymnos. A favorite tourist destination and holiday resort at a 9 km distance to the northwest of Pothia, right across from the islet of Telendos, Massouri antagonizes Myrties in popularity. Quite picturesque, this site is gracefully set against a background of impressive, steep rocks.

Myrties Kalymnos, "Myrtia" is the Greek word for myrtle and indeed it is after this particular species - abounding in the region - that this picturesque, waterfront settlement was named, at a spot where only a narrow strait (a mere 700 meters in width) separates Kalymnos from the islet of Telendos, a piece of land once forming part of Kalymnos until it split away under the horrible tremors of the earthquake that devastated the region in AD 535. Small boats connect Myrties to Tenedos several times within the day. Myrties lies at an 8 km distance northwest from Pothia and currently boasts 14 inhabitants.

Panormos Kalymnos. A favorite holidaymaker's destination, this settlement has been set against a lavishly green background, featuring lace-like waterfront spots, amongst which Kantouni and Linaria. Panormos lies on the site of what was once the ancient Mesos Dimos (Central Municipality), Damos, as the area is still referred to, to this day. Close to this site there is a location known as Tsoukalario, where findings suggest the existence, in ancient times, of pottery workshops. The ancient settlement of Panormos boasts of 800 dwellers and lies within 5 km distance northwest from the port of Pothia.

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