Rhodes travel guide

mandraki rhodesRhodes is one of the most visited islands of Greece .From the Ancient times until our days Rhodes attracts with its natural beauties. With more the 300 days of sunshine Rhodes is the pearl of the Aegean. Rhodes ,Praised by poets as the "Island of Roses" and 'Bride of the Sun. Rhodes is the largest and most beautiful of the Dodecanese islands and magnetizes thousands of tourist from all the world. Immaculately clean with its blue trimmed, white plaster houses, imposing public buildings and pleasant parks, Rhodes offers for contrast in the old city, ruins and buildings covering the Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Most notable is the remarkably well-preserved medieval walled city of the Knights Hospitalers of St. John of Jerusalem, with fascinating castles and palaces, buildings of Byzantine and Turkish architecture Of interest too, are the glowing municipal flower gardens and the Museum of Rhodes, which contains, among other interesting items, the famous Venus of Rhodes. Short excursions from the city take you to the ancient cities of Lindos, with its temple of Athena on its acropolis overlooking the sea. It is a triangular rock round which it has built a small beautiful city, where you can be lost in narrow small streets. Lindos reminds more a Cyclades island style despite an island of Dodecanese. Hundreds of shops with tourist items waiting for you to discover the treasures that they hide. Taverns with amazing view in the sea while donkeys undertake the transport of those who do not wish to walk. The Citadel of Lindos was build in the 12th century B.C. from the Dorians and it was the most powerful city of the island. Further south in the Seven Sources, you will enter in the eminent tunnel - it does not consist those who they have problem of claustrophobia, in the Kattavia you will enjoy a different landscape - more deserted. In the Prasonisi at the southernmost peak of Rhodes as you can explore in a map you will satisfy swimming, cicadas and sunshine.

Entering the port in Mandraki we can see the two pillars that today are there supposed to stand the Colossus of Rhodes. The city of Rhodes is separated substantially in two parts. "Old" - that is encompassed from double wall - and new. Different style, colour, separate personality. However and the two have the known label: Welcome. They resemble they are made exclusively for the tourists. They satisfy all kinds of taste, they offer alternative forms of amusement ,and they are ideal for walk. Whilst in Rhodes town visit the Aquarium at the northern part of the city where many luxury hotels are located and the archaeological museum at the old city. But the most romantic part is in the old city ,walking through the medieval streets especially at times that no crowds of tourist are around you really have the feeling that you are back in time .Up and down at Hepocratous street until the small fountain you will find small souvenir shops ,taverns ,restaurants and coffee shops .Mandraki is ideal for a morning breakfast or just a Greek coffee at the Cafeterias overlooking the promenade and the marina. Inside Mandraki's market you will find many restaurants with really low prices .

rhodes beachesMost of the travel agencies are around Mandraki from here you can issue your ticket to any of the Greek islands that have connections with Rhodes. The Rhodian maritime company Dodekanissos Seaways with 2 Catamarans the Dodekanissos Express and Dodekanissos Pride connects Rhodes daily with most of the islands of the Dodecanese ,Kastellorizo ,Symi ,Kos, Kalymnos ,Leros ,Patmos and Lipsi. The Hydrofoils as well until Samos. Greek Ferries connecting Rhodes with Piraeus ,the Dodecanese ,Crete and the Cyclades. There are daily cruises to the Asia Minor coastal towns. For more information check our page about ferries in the Dodecanese.