Nisyros travel guide

Nisyros is and Island of the Dodecanese, between Kos and Tilos. Has an area of 41.4 square km.. The shape is almost circular and has a coastline of 28.2 km Remarkable are the hot sulfur springs on the island, which has been extinct volcano crater. The small island's central mountain (698 m) crater just called and is covered by forest vegetation. The valleys are full of fig and almond trees. Mandraki island with beautiful houses next to the beach and the ruins of a Venetian castle, the island's capital. This includes both small islands Kondeliousa and glass. The small villages Emporios, Pali and Nikia is built on green hills.

The island is a municipality and its economy based on shipping, especially in fisheries.Most people engaged in agriculture, fisheries and tourism. The largest revenue of the island, however, comes from the exploitation of the bump, which employed many people in glass island, situated 3 miles from Nisyros and the holding of perlite. The volcano of Nisyros in the crater of Stephen is one of the major attractions of the island.

Nisyros is composed of volcanic mountains, while the center of the island occupied by a large crater with a diameter of 4 km, from the bottom up to the surface of which is found sulfur. Another smaller crater stands at 700 meters, giving the highest altitude of the island. The island also many thermal springs, of which the main ones are the Baths.
The morphology is influenced by the volcano and the volcanic soil is very fertile and conducive to horticulture and lush vegetation. It has an area of 41 sq km, elevation 698 meters and a coastline of 30 km. West and north of Nisyros are four islands, called Nisyros.

According to mythology, created by a rock cut off from Neptune Kos and Polyphemus hurled against him, which crashed. Like all the Dodecanese islands in 1912 came the Italians, to be united with Greece after the Treaty of Paris (1947).

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