Leros travel guide

Leros is a beautiful green Greek island. Leros located at the north Dodecanese islands in the Aegean not far from Patmos Lipsi Kos and Rhodes. Its surface is about 54 square kilometres with a length of 15 km and a least width of 1,5 km about. Its coast line is about 46 kilometres, there are many smaller islands around Leros ideal for daily excursions. Leros is located in the Dodecanese islands south of Patmos and south-east of Lipsi. Leros has a population of about 8000 residents and covers about 53 square kilometers. The coastline of Leros which is about 60 km has many bays and headlands, and many beautiful beaches. Platanos is the capital of the island, but is actually connected to Agia Marina and Lakki is the main port. Leros is green, has excellent road network and is one of the unique Greek islands that are alive during winter and summer, which will not find anywhere else apart from large islands such as Rhodes, Samos and Crete.

This is mainly because the island has many public services that employ a large proportion of the population. Leros is the richest after Crete island of Greece in per capita income. For these reasons, the island did not rely solely on tourism as many other Greek islands. Do not expect to find on Leros the tourism that can be found on other Greek islands like the island of Mykonos, Rhodes or Santorini, Leros is an island for rest and relaxation.

The increase in domestic tourism was due to several tourist promotion activities by the Greek media with promotional spots on the TV, celebrities visiting the island, the filming of a succesful television series on Leros and finally the ease of access with daily flights with Olympic airlines. August is the month when the island gets filled by Greeks and Italians, so those who want to visit Leros this month is good to secure tickets and accommodation early. During the last 2 decades Leros has become a popular destination for alternative tourism because of the island's natural beauties and unspoiled environment. Leros island has kept it's own traditional character and hasn't been spoiled from the massive package tourism that have hit many other Greek islands. Leros has a very good infrastructure that makes easy to the visitor to go around the island by car or by bicycle or scooter. Leros is one of the most Green islands of the Dodecanese .Tamarisk trees, Eucalypts ,Olives and Pine trees, gardens and farms with grapes ,figs , pears and lemon trees ,fishermen with there fishing boats and there nets ,small taverns and open air cafes on the beach ,all that making Leros a real Paradise in the blue Aegean sea. Leros is connected with Athens by flights and ferries it has an airport in Partheni and the main ports are Laki and Agia Marina.

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