Kythnos travel guide

Kythnos is another small island of the Cyclades its main town is Dryopida. The population lives mainly on agriculture and cattle breeding. Main port of the island is Merichas. Other villages are Agios Stefanos and Kanala, where you will find the best beaches.North of Merichas lies the small island of Agios Lukas, which is connected with Kythnos by a beach strip. In the antiquity Kythnos apparent played a role as the first metalworking island of the Aegean. Finds from copper works were dated from 3000 BC. Today a majority of the population lives from fishing and agriculture

The beautiful beaches of Kythnos without beach bars and sun beds, the picturesque landscape, opportunities for swimming embroidered with stone walls landscape will turn your destination here if you are looking for a low-key island for vacation, and nearby affordable. Just do not judge Kythnos from the crowded tourist profile that shape the rooms in the harbor. If you do not stay here, you may return an evening walk in the bar. The heart of the island, however, hits the landlocked capital, Chora or Mesaria, a doll-like village with whitewashed streets, flowery plazas and courtyards and old churches. From here, the road continues to the northern beaches, passing by the coastal village Loutra, known for their spa note that the village acquires recent years likeable hostels. Hikers can visit the archaeological site Vryokastro and the ruined medieval castle of Oria dominating above the sea and the island of Kea. In focal point for excursions to the beautiful southern beaches and the other picturesque villages.

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