Karpathos travel guide

Kastelorizo or Kastellorizo is a small island in the Dodecanese. The island has many caves. The Blue Cave - also known as the Cave of Phokialis. Perhaps one of the most scenic caves of its kind in the entire Mediterranean. A truly dreamy ambience, with all possible colors on the range of blue, amongst the most delightful stalactites and stalagmites. Under favorable weather conditions, boats glide into the cave with their passengers stooping.

Alternatively, tourists are left to disembark close to the entrance of the cave and those insisting on seeing the interior will then have to swim their way into it. Morning hours is the most appropriate time to visit the place, precisely at the moment when the sun rays light the place up in all its splendor. There several other minor caves around the island, mostly to the east, the most important being that of Kolones. .
At Pharos, where a small pier allows for boats to approach as well as at Plakes, within 20 min. walk to the north. At Mandraki, a narrow stripe of sandy beach. More beaches to be found at the islands of Ro - two concave stripes of sand - Aghios Gheorghios and Strongyli.
For the dareones: swimming within the Blue Cave (alias Cave of Phokialis), accessible by boat.