Kalymnos travel guide

Kalymnos is one of the Dodecanese islands Islands near Kalymnos: Telendos. The sole settlement on this islet, situated right across from the townships of Myrties and Massouri of the island of Kalymnos, faces the straight separating the two islands. The meager 7000 meters of width of this straight are easily covered within no more than ten minutes by motorboat. As a matter of fact, these two islands used to form one single piece of land until AD 535, when a uniquely violent earthquake shook Kalymnos, cutting it in two and sinking for ever the ancient capital town of Pothaea that used to lie on this particular site. Later on, Telendos came to form a kingdom of its own. Take a moment to stroll through the narrow, picturesque streets, let your steps guide you uphill to the small pine-tree grove before you give in to the pleasure of idling at some traditional tavern. Views from the islet's highest hilltop - Rachi, at 459 meters - is truly enticing. Telendos measures 5 square kilometers in surface and numbers 60 inhabitants.

Pserimos , This is the most sizeable of all islets surrounding Kalymnos, situated to the northeast of the latter, midways between Kalymnos and the island of Kos, some 6 n.m. separating the its coasts from practically both islands. The land is scattered with low-raise hills, the tallest of which rises at 269 meters. The settlement, built around the small port, is set against a background of olive trees and a pine-tree grove. The miniscule pier plays host every day to numerous boats bringing tourists on day cruise from Kalymnos and Kos. This is when the calmness of the landscape gives way to a busting scene of a thoroughfare, as the port becomes alive.

Sandy bights around the port and further on at Vathy, make of Pserimos a unique destination. Archaeological excavations have unearthed the remnants of an ancient settlement believed by some to have pertained to the ancient municipality of Piraeotae. Westwards there lies the islet of Plati, part of which is a rocky islet of its own, having borne the name of Nekrothecke (Depository of the Dead) ever since the ancient times. Pserimos - measuring total 15 square kilometers in surface and with a population of 80 - is an ideal place for easygoing, fuss-free holidaymaking, to be cherished by the peripatetic. Its inhabitants' main activities are stock-breeding, fishing and tourism. 

Kalymnos has daily connections to and from Athens by Ferries .Kalymnos is only a half hour away from Kos and that gives the opportunity to the visitor to fly to Kos and then from Kos town or Mastihari to go to Kalymnos using local Ferries and Hydrofoils .The island is connected with all other islands of the Dodecanese ,Patmos ,Leros ,Kos ,Symi ,Nisuros ,Tilos ,Rhodes with the Catamaran Dodekanissos Express and Dodekanissos Pride and up to Samos ,Agathonis ,Lipsi and Fourni with the small local Ferry KALYMNOS.