The hotel was built by Filacouris Family.  Fotios Filacouris emigrated to the U.S., specifically N.Y., in the 1960's. He returned to Greece twenty years later to fulfill a dream. His partner, also a family member, Adonis Filacouris is Fotios' nephew. He still resides in the U.S., but has set his sights on his ancestral home. The hotel is located 300 meters from Alinta, the most beautiful beach on the island.  It has a majestic view of Alinta Bay and of the islands thousand year old castle.  The hotel offers studios and apartments.  These rooms vary in size from single accomodations to groups of six.  Other hotel amenities include kitchenettes, balconies, scenic views, adult size swimming pool with childrens pool and a recreation room with complimentary video games and billiards.  We would be delighted to have you come and share our family values and our hospitality in our beautiful little corner of the Mediterranean. We give detailed, personalized service to all our guests, making your stay at Leros a memorable one.